The Water Framework Directive (WFD) definition of a Groundwater Body (GWB) permits a large palette of approaches for the groundwater body's delineation process. This fact leaded to many GWB types and, as a consequence, to many misfits between the transboundary GWB's delineated on each side of the borders. Therefore, the WFD implementation implies also a harmonization process between the Member States for the transboundary groundwater body's delineation and characterization. An example of such a process is that one carried out in the framework of the Project: “Transboundary River Basin Management of the Körös/Crişuri River, a Tisza/Tisa sub-Basin”. The paper presents both countries' approaches and the GWB's delineations that resulted from those approaches. It is presented also the agreement reached in the frame of the project. Common criteria for GWB's delineation where adopted and a harmonized GWB delineation in the Körös/Crişuri basin was performed.

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