Many cities in Australia are experiencing the effects of the current drought. This drought has illustrated the unsustainable nature of the Australian community's water consumption patterns. In order to change this unsustainable water consumption the community needs to be aware of and encouraged to make use of alternative water sources. This paper draws upon a series of community questionnaires conducted with people who live adjacent to playing fields and golf courses within the Manly Local Government Area, inside the Sydney Metropolitan Area. The questionnaires explored the communities’ attitudes towards and awareness of the use of alternative water sources on public and private recreational land. Using results from the questionnaires this paper outlines the community's attitudes towards the necessity to use alternative water sources. It also examines the need the community has to be assured that this water does not present a hazard to public health or the environment. Through development of an understanding of community attitudes and awareness, local government and relevant authorities can implement water reuse projects with support from the community.

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