Water inrush and seepage in tunnel engineering often lead to the loss of regional environmental groundwater resources and the imbalance of the hydrological ecological circulation system, which have a serious impact on the growth of natural vegetation. Based on the analysis of the burial depth of critical water level of vegetation groundwater, a calculation method for the response of vegetation to water environment stress is established, and the water inrush and seepage volume of tunnel engineering under the condition of ecological balance protection are derived. By calculating the range and volume of the dewatering funnel when the tunnel underground water level reaches the maximum depth after water inrush and seepage, the maximum drainage value which must be controlled in tunnel construction is obtained. The proposed method has achieved certain practical results and could provide some theoretical reference for guiding the reasonable protection of groundwater, alleviating and eliminating adverse environmental geological effects in tunnel construction.


  • The impacts of tunnel construction on ecosystem can chemical and biological impacts on the ecological functions and balance.

  • Construction of the tunnel, the reasonable ecological water consumption can be calculated based on the above-mentioned water.

  • In order to keep the groundwater level line above the burial depth of the critical water level of root system, the drawdown of groundwater need to be calculated.

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