The present study conducted an investigation on the effect of Superconducting-High Gradient Magnetic Field (S-HGMF) in the association solubilization of recirculating cooling water and the crystal form change of scale. The effects of magnetic flux density, flow rate and cycle-index on the solubility of scale-forming ions were investigated, and the effects of viscosity and surface tension on the molecular internal energy and order degree of circulating water were analyzed. The scale was ground and mixed with water and placed in a S-HGMF system to study the effect of S-HGMF on the crystal form change of CaCO3. The experimental results showed us that S-HGMF could increase the solubility of scale-forming ions. It could enhance the interaction between water molecules by increasing viscosity and reducing surface tension, so as to improve the stability of water quality, reduce ion precipitation, and achieve the effect of scale inhibition. At the same time, it could also change the crystal structure of CaCO3, promote the transformation of calcite to aragonite, and realize the purpose of scale inhibition. In a word, S-HGMF treatment can effectively solve the scaling problem of recirculating cooling water system, which provides a reference for scale inhibition of recirculating cooling water.


  • The S-HGMF is applied to scale inhibition in recirculating cooling water.

  • The association solubilization effect of S-HGMF on scale-forming ions.

  • S-HGMF treatment can improve the viscosity and reduce the surface tension of recirculating cooling water.

  • S-HGMF treatment can transform the crystal structure of CaCO3 from calcite to aragonite.

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