After the construction of rural water supply projects, how to make them sustainably operated and managed has become the focus and difficulty of the current and future work of rural water supply. In order to evaluate the operation and management of rural water supply projects, a comprehensive indicator system of rural water supply projects sustainable operation and management was established, and a combinational evaluation model based on a cyclic correction framework was used in 13 pilot districts of Chongqing, China. The APH method was used to calculate the weight of each index. Two indexes with the highest weights are ‘establishment of management agency (0.1436)’ and ‘assurance level of operating funds (0.1382)’. Compared with the traditional individual evaluation model, the cyclic correction framework can effectively reduce the systematic deviation and random error in the evaluation process and make the research conclusion more reliable. The ranks of the districts in the main urban metropolitan part are higher, while the districts in the southeast and northeast of Chongqing are ranked relatively low. The top five districts were Rongchang, Yubei, Banan, Liangping, and Tongliang. In the future, the sustainable operation and management of rural water supply projects should be improved by enhancing the ability of the management agencies of rural water supply projects and increasing funding for project operation management.


  • The indicator system for sustainable operation and management evaluation of rural water supply projects is established.

  • The cyclic correction framework with individual and combinational evaluation methods is proposed.

  • The proposed framework has more reliable results and application value.

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