This paper presents performance analyses based on temperatures, thermal energy (overall), thermal exergy (overall), electrical exergy, and yield of the systems that have been investigated. In the present study, an analytical expression of N-identical partly covered photovoltaic compound parabolic concentrator collector connected in series (N-PVT-CPC-SS-HE) an active single slope solar distiller unit helically coiled heat exchanger has been found. The performance analyses of the proposed system have been executed for 0.25% concentration of CuO nanoparticles for collectors (N = 4), fluid flowing rate 0.02 kg/s in 280 kg mass of basin fluid. The system's performance is compared with N-identical partly covered photovoltaic flat plate collector connected in series (N-PVT-FPC-DS-HE) an active double slope solar distiller unit with helically coiled heat exchanger previous system ref (Sahota and Tiwari 2017). The thermal energy 112,109.1 kwh, thermal exergy 312.07 kwh, and yield 3,615.05 kg annually. It is found that enhancement daily in thermal energy of the proposed system with CuO nanoparticles than the previous system with various nanofluids CuO, Al2O3, TiO2, and water are found 16.75%, 51.13%, 61.82%, and 80.67% more significant correspondingly. The enhancement in yield of the proposed system is obtained for CuO nanoparticles greater than the previous system with CuO 11.19%, Al2O3 17.2%, TiO2 26.25%, and water 32.17% greater. The electrical exergy is almost the same as the previous system.


  • Analyzed single slope N-PVT-CPC-HE system.

  • Overall thermal energy has been computed.

  • Overall thermal exergy has been calculated.

  • Annual yield for proposed system has been evaluated.

  • CuO nano particles.

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