Deep silt with the passage of time the soil capillary water divergence, pore water pressure dissipation, itself since the consolidation settlement is relatively large, the soil structure will have greater deformation and produce greater additional stress. Based on the analysis of the new pipeline in Zhuhai, the post-settlement of the existing pipeline in the silt is calculated by theoretical analysis and simulation. It is concluded that the displacement deformation of the water supply pipeline after 400 days of sediment consolidation is still in safety control and puts forward some optimization methods to ensure the safety and function of the pipeline and provide the guidance basis for the follow-up maintenance and construction. It has a certain practical value.

  • This paper calculates the late settlement of existing pipelines in the silt through theoretical analysis and simulation calculation and proposes corresponding treatment methods to provide guidance for subsequent maintenance and construction, ensure the structural safety and functional integrity of pipelines, and provide practical reference cases for similar projects in the future.

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