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Aims & Scope

We are beginning a new chapter of the journal’s life and with that comes the need to reaffirm our aims for this journal. Water Supply is an international Open Access peer-reviewed journal that focuses on all aspects of Water Supply, this allows us to focus not only on new scientific advances in this large subject area, but also gives us the opportunity to work on the technological aspects. This means that our readership is widespread throughout universities and within industry.

For prospective authors, we offer expertise through our global editorial board and reviewer pool and strive to make sure that your experience with us is hassle free. We are looking to build our community and hope that you will want to be part of that.

The scope of the journal falls within three distinct areas: Water Quality, Modelling and Management and we will accept papers within the following areas:

Water treatment technologies, including reuse and recycling
Drinking water quality
Water pollutants, characteristics and effects
Water supply in specific climates (e.g. arid, Semi-arid)
Water security, including water safety plans

Water distribution systems
Digitalisation of water distribution systems
Smart water supply systems
Hydraulics of water supply systems, including transients’
Water supply in mega cities
Optimisation of water supply systems
Karst systems
Artificial Intelligence methods in water supply
Climate change impacts on water supply

Integrated management of water resources (including reservoirs)
Water storage
Cascading effects between water infrastructure systems
Drought risk management
Leakage management
Water utility management including economic and social aspects
Asset management
Pump scheduling


Water Supply is published monthly.

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