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Water Supply Special Issue on:

Integrated Water Management for Enhanced Water Quality and Reuse to Create a Sustainable Future


Safe drinking water and sanitation are very important for the survival of human life. With the rapid proliferation of industries, growth in population and different forms of pollution, i.e. in water, air, soil and sediments, the living environment and the ecosystem is constantly polluted. In this context, integrating different water resources for enhanced water quality and reuse is important to solve the persisting problems and challenges in developing and the developed nations. Integrated water management offers environmental, economic and social benefits because it aims at maximizing the existing resources and prevents further depletion of the ecosystem.

This Special Issue contains papers on the topic of integrated management of water for a sustainable future, in association with the 13th International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE - 2020).


Guest Editors:

Dr. Eldon R. Rene, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands
Prof. Veeriah Jegatheesan, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Prof. Li Shu, LJS Environment, Melbourne, Australia


Editorial: Integrated water management for enhanced water quality and reuse to create a sustainable future

Eldon R. Rene, Veeriah Jegatheesan, Li Shu

Water Supply (2021) 21 (5): 5–10.




Remote-sensing-based algorithms for water quality monitoring in Olushandja Dam, north-central Namibia

Taimi S. Kapalanga, Zvikomborero Hoko, Webster Gumindoga, Loyd Chikwiramakomo

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1878–1894.




Mesoporous structure regulation of activated carbons and effects on the synergistic efficacy of synchronous adsorption and bio-degradation in biological activated carbon process

Xu-Jin Gong, Yu-Qi Dong, Wei-Guang Li

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2058–2074.




Artificial neural network modeling approach for the prediction of five-day biological oxygen demand and wastewater treatment plant performance

Abdalrahman Alsulaili, Abdelrahman Refaie

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1861–1877.




Effective removal of fly ash by Penicillium chrysogenum and determination of direct fly ash toxicity with Daphnia magna

Burcu Ertit Taştan

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2047–2057.




Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris in anaerobically digested gelatin industry wastewater

G. C. Blanco, M. J. Stablein, G. Tommaso

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1953–1965.




An investigation on the adaptability of residential rainwater harvesting system in Tamil Nadu – techno-economic considerations and the way forward

Mangottiri Vasudevan, Narayanan Natarajan

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1927–1938.




Waste water reuse in France – social perception of an unfamiliar practice

Patrice Garin, Marielle Montginoul, Benjamin Noury

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1913–1926.




Water reuse: dairy effluent treated by a hybrid anaerobic biofilm baffled reactor and its application in lettuce irrigation

K. A. Santos, T. M. Gomes, F. Rossi, M. M. Kushida, V. L. Del Bianchi, R. Ribeiro, M. S. M. Alves, G. Tommaso

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1980–1993.




Resource-based agricultural non-point source pollution control using biological agents

Delong Kan, Pengfei Duan

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2035–2046.




Investigation of plasticizer production industry wastewater treatability using pressure-driven membrane process

Yasin Ozay, Oltan Canli, Bahar Ozbey Unal, Bulent Keskinler, Nadir Dizge

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1994–2007.




Effect of pH on nutrient removal and crop production of hydroponic systems treating brewery effluent

Richard P. Taylor, Clifford L. W. Jones, Mark Laing

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1966–1979.




Agricultural fertiliser from brewery effluent – the recovery of nutrients from the biomass of activated sludge and high rate algal pond treatment systems

Richard P. Taylor, Clifford L. W. Jones, Richard K. Laubscher

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1939–1952.




Modelling a rotating biological contactor treating heavy metal contaminated wastewater using artificial neural network

M. Gopi Kiran, Raja Das, Shishir Kumar Behera, Kannan Pakshirajan, Gopal Das

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 1895–1912.




The energy – pressure nexus in the water supply system

Ivana Ćipranić, Marija Jevrić , Milan Radulović, Goran Sekulić

Water Supply (1 February 2021) 21 (1): 344–355.




Recovery of zinc from electroplating wastewater using green emulsion liquid membrane

M. Rajasimman, N. Rajamohan , S. Sujatha

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2008–2018.




An inexact multi-stage interval-parameter partial information programming model for water resources management under uncertainties

Hongguang Chen, Zhongjun Wang

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2139–2157.




Biodegradation of benzyl butyl phthalate and dibutyl phthalate by Arthrobacter sp. via micellar solubilization in a surfactant-aided system

Moumita Nandi, Tanushree Paul, Dipak Kumar Kanaujiya, Divya Baskaran, Kannan Pakshirajan, G. Pugazhenthi

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2084–2098.




Assessing the productivity of coriander under different irrigation depths and fertilizers applied with continuous and pulsed drip systems

Valentin Ruben Orcon Zamora, Manassés Mesquita da Silva, José Amilton Santos Júnior, Gerônimo Ferreira da Silva, Dimas Menezes, Ceres Duarte Guedes Cabral de Almeida

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2099–2108.




Comparative analysis of select techniques and metrics for data reconciliation in smart energy distribution network

Jeyanthi Ramasamy, Sriram Devanathan, Dhanalakshmi Jayaraman

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2109–2121.




Real-time monitoring as an adaptive strategy towards green treatment of textile effluent using biosorbent from Acalypha indica

C. Sivapragasam, V. Aruna Janani, A. Andappan, B. Archana, M. Vasudevan, N. Natarajan

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2019–2034.




Comparison of antecedent precipitation based rainfall-runoff models

Pankaj Upreti, C. S. P. Ojha

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2122–2138.




A method for classifying interrelation between sectoral regulatory laws and the ‘water-energy-agriculture nexus concept’ in Brazil

Cássia Juliana Fernandes Torres, Camilla Hellen Peixoto de Lima, Andrea Sousa Fontes, Daniel Veras Ribeiro, Ícaro Thiago Andrade Moreira, Yvonilde Dantas Pinto Medeiros

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2158–2172.




Experimental study on the performance of modified flocculant (PEI-T) for removal of turbidity and heavy metals from aqueous solution

Wang Jin-xi, Rajendra Prasad Singh

Water Supply (August 2021) 21 (5): 2075–2083.



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