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Water Supply Special Issue on:

Integrated Management of Rivers and Reservoirs


Climate change and increasing human activities have an impact on water resources, water environment and water ecology. Rivers and reservoirs are natural and artificial water resource carriers. As a result, to promote ecological environment protection and high-quality development, it is of great significance to study the mechanism of the water cycle under the changing environment and build an optimized water resource management based on it.

This Special Issue, in association with the 5th International Conference on Hydraulic and Civil Engineering (ICHCE 2019), will focus on integrated management of rivers and reservoirs, with topics including water quality related to environmental ecology and agriculture, reservoir management, and river engineering and floods.


Guest Editors

Professor Weiwei Shao (China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research)

Professor Quan Jin (China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research)


Editorial: Integrated management of rivers and reservoirs

Weiwei Shao, Quan Jin

Water Supply (2021) 21 (3): v–vi.




Improved dynamic simulation technique for hydrodynamics and water quality of river-connected lakes

Bojun Liu, Jun Xia, Libin Yang, Changyong Cui, Linwei Wang, Tiansheng Li

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3752–3767.




Seasonal varieties and influential factors of heavy metals in sediments of Wuliangsuhai Lake

Weidong Tian, Guoxia Pei, Shengnan Zhao, Xiaohong Shi, Hanmeng Zhang, Biao Sun, Shuang Song, Chi Sun, Hong Ma

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3779–3790.




Integrated allocation model of water quantity and quality and its application in the Yellow River

Ke Zhou

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3768–3778.




A water quality assessment model for Suya Lake Reservoir

Xiaolei Ji, Xin Wang, Guoping Yang

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3715–3721.




Research on response of water quality to land use pattern in nine plateau lake watersheds of Yunnan Province, China

W. J. Zeng, J. H. Li, J. X. Wang, Y. Wang, L. Bao, L. J. Liao, X. F. Guo, Y. X. Guo, B. L. Wu, J. S. Zhang

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3739–3751.




Runoff pollution control of a sewage discharge project based on green concept – a sewage runoff pollution control system

Yuan-Xu Wang

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3676–3686.




An approach to evaluate non-point source pollution in an ungauged basin: a case study in Xiao'anxi River Basin, China

Li Zhou, Xing Zhang, Lingxue Liu, Ting Chen, Xing Liu, Yufeng Ren, Hairong Zhang, Xiaodong Li, Tianqi Ao

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3646–3657.




Numerical simulation of groundwater contaminant transport in unsaturated flow

Jie Yang, Yuezan Tao, Weixin Ren, Pengqiang Cao

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3730–3738.




Siltation characteristics of the tail reach of Ganjiang River under the regulation of estuary gates

Zhi-chao Wang, Xin-fa Xu, Zhi-wen Huang, Nian-hua Wu, Su-fen Zhou

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3707–3714.




Influences of deficit irrigation on soil water content distribution and spring wheat growth in Hetao Irrigation District, Inner Mongolia of China

Ling Zhou

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3722–3729.




A monitoring model for the stress on a super-high arch dam during pre-impoundment construction

Jingtai Niu, Xiang Luo, Zhiping Deng, Yang Zhang, Yingjia Guo, Zhiqiang Wang

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3604–3614.




Evaluation of reservoir management modernization under the concept of coordinated development

Da-jin Yu, Zhengwei Zou, Jin Li

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3697–3706.




Sustainable operation mode of a sand filter in a drip irrigation system using Yellow River water in an arid area

Youquan Jiao, Ji Feng, Yanzheng Liu, Linlin Yang, Minqi Han

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3636–3645.




Research on ecological environment impact assessment based on PSR and cloud theory in Dari county, source of the Yellow River

Wang Yongqiang, Wu Zhijun, Yan Bo, Li Kai, Huang Feng

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1050–1060.




Research on the decision-making of flood prevention emergency plans during reservoir construction based on generalized intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets and TOPSIS

Han Wu, Junwu Wang, Jingtao Feng, Denghui Liu, Sen Liu

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3665–3675.




A study on the phytoplankton community structure in the Diaohe River section of the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in winter

Yi Xu, Jiankui Liang, Junqiang Lin, Xiaohui Lei, Gongbo Ding, Ruifang Yuan

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 959–970.




Evaluation of water security based on capacity for socio-economic regulation

Lian Tang, Weibing Zhang, Zixi Liu, Yarong Qi

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1036–1049.




Open-channel landslide hazard assessment based on AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

Xi Wang, Shuangyin Wang, Jiashuo Qi

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3687–3696.




Optimization of preparation of montmorillonite nanometer zero-valent iron and the degradation of amoxicillin by response surface methodology

Guangyin Sun, Jiankun Zhang, Wei Meng, Liping Wang

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3625–3635.




Research on water resources dispatch model based on improved genetic algorithm – water resources dispatch model

Haoran Fu, Huahui Li

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1072–1080.




Impacts of precipitation and topographic conditions on the model simulation in the north of China

Long Sun, Zhijia Li, Ke Zhang, Tingting Jiang

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1025–1035.




Effect of time scale on flood simulation: maximum rainfall intensity and fractal theory based time disaggregation method for rainfall

Hanchen Zhang, Weijiang Zhang

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3585–3596.




Medium- and long-term runoff forecasting based on a random forest regression model

Chen Shijun, Wei Qin, Zhu Yanmei, Ma Guangwen, Han Xiaoyan, Wang Liang

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3658–3664.




Calibration method for Manning's roughness coefficient for a river flume model

Yujian Li, Yixin Geng, Liang Mao

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3597–3603.




Construction and application research of ecological evaluation platform based on Cesium

Yao Fu, Guize Luan, Jingzhi Cai, Yuchen Li, Fei Zhao

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 983–991.




Hydrated-electron-based short chain perfluorosulfonic acid decomposition in VUV/sulfite system

Yurong Gu, Zijun Dong, Xi Zhang, Qi Han, Yongbing Li

Water Supply (1 December 2020) 20 (8): 3615–3624.




Formation of iodinated products in Fe (II)/peroxydisulfate (PDS) system

Zijun Dong, Mu Li, Meifen Chen, Yurong Gu, Chengchun Jiang, Feiyun Sun

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1016–1024.




Simulation of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in typical agricultural and forested basins as well as relevant reduction effect based on SWAT model

Wu Li, Chen Zhe, Liu Hui-ying, Wang Dun-qiu

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 992–1004.




Monitoring of pollution factors of solidified body leachate in a drilling well site and its influence on the surface water environment

Zhikun Liu, Chaoqun Zhang, Qi Li

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1081–1089.




Virtual water and its effect in Huaihe River basin: an analysis using a dynamic multi-region computable general equilibrium model

Jing Zhao, Jinhua Liu, Hongzhen Ni, Yong Zhao, Yuping Han, Zicheng Diao

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1090–1101.




Simulation effect evaluation of single-outlet and multi-outlet calibration of Soil and Water Assessment Tool model driven by Climate Forecast System Reanalysis data and ground-based meteorological station data – a case study in a Yellow River source

Kai Li, Yongqiang Wang, Xiaodong Li, Zhe Yuan, Jijun Xu

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1061–1071.




Water quality assessment of Middle Route of South-North Water Diversion Project based on modified Nemerow index method

Yilin Yang, Dawei Zhang, Jin Quan, Pengwen Wang, Yi Xu

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1005–1015.




Numerical simulation of three-dimensional hydrodynamic characteristics and pollutant diffusion behavior by ROMS model

Jing Ren, Chazhong Ge, Chunxu Hao, Rui Hu, Kefu Cui, Chen Peng, Quan Zhou, Aiyu Yu, He Xu, Shiqing Liu, Feng Li

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1102–1110.




Calculation of drainage volume during tunnel construction based on the control of negative effects of ecosystem

Yu Wang, Yan Zhao, Xiaoyan Ge, Yongyu Li, Tianrong Huang, Qingming Zhang

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1119–1126.




Water quality index and spatio-temporal perspective of a large Brazilian water reservoir

Karla Lorrane de Oliveira, Ramatisa Ladeia Ramos, Sílvia Corrêa Oliveira, Cristiano Christofaro

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 971–982.




An analysis on the influence of precipitation infiltration on groundwater under different irrigation conditions in the semi-arid area

Long Yan, Min-jian Chen, Peng Hu, Di-li Li, Yong Wang

Water Supply (1 May 2021) 21 (3): 1111–1118.



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