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Water Supply Special Issue on:

Water Supply in Agriculture


Sufficient food supplies are considered a core element for the development of modern societies, while the intensification of water cycles creates serious problems in agriculture. In particular, over the last several years the absences of regular rainy seasons and frequent storms have increasingly created serious damage to traditional cropping systems (water crises, flooding, drought and desertification).

The main aim of this special issue was to increase the scientific knowledge on water resources and climate change interactions for the agricultural sector at local, regional, and global scales. It is also, of high importance to increase water productivity and prevent crop damages under extreme climate conditions and different anthropogenic interventions, through various measures (improved agronomic practices, optimal irrigation water management) and geoinformatic techniques.

In this Special Issue, 33 papers were selected that contribute to a broad discussion and demonstration of state-of-the-art multifunctional role of water resources in agriculture. These topics included:

  • Water resources management & monitoring
  • Agricultural water-use efficiency
  • Water supplies and climate change in agriculture
  • Geoinformatics & decision support systems
  • Irrigation & hydrological modeling
  • Water scarcity & productivity


Guest Editor:

Dr Nektarious N. Kourgialas (
NAGREF - Hellenic Agricultural Organization)


Editorial: Could advances in geoinformatics, irrigation management and climate adaptive agronomic practices ensure the sustainability of water supply in agriculture?

Nektarios N. Kourgialas

Water Supply (2021) 21 (6): v–vii.




Estimating the future hydric needs of Baja California, Mexico. Assessment of scenarios to stop being a region with water scarcity

A. Cortés-Ruiz, I. Azuz-Adeath

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2760–2771.




HYDRUS-2D simulations of nitrate nitrogen and potassium transport characteristics under fertilizer solution infiltration of furrow irrigation

Wei-Bo Nie, Kun-Kun Nie, Yi-Bo Li, Xiao-Yi Ma

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2665–2680.




Feasibility of water desalination for irrigation: the case of the coastal irrigated area of Dyiar-Al-Hujjej, Tunisia

Issam Daghari, Mohamed Ramadhane El Zarroug , Charles Muanda, Jean Robert Kompany, Sabri Kanzari, Anouar Ben Mimoun

Water Supply (1 February 2021) 21 (1): 24–45.




Study on optimal start-up time and water usage volume of blowdown residue discharge of mesh filter

Kai Shi, Zhenji Liu, Yan Xie, Man Li

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2904–2915.




A simplified method to improve water distribution and application uniformity for sprinkler irrigation on sloping land: adjustment of riser orientation

Xin Hui, Haijun Yan, Lin Zhang, Junying Chen

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2786–2798.




Water reuse potential for irrigation in Brazilian hydrographic regions

Maíra Lima, Bruna Magalhães de Araujo, Sérgio Rodrigues Ayrimoraes Soares, Ana Silvia Pereira Santos, José Manuel Pereira Vieira

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2799–2810.




Characteristics and evaluations of heavy metal contents in irrigation water sources on a suburb farmland in the lower reaches of Xijiang River in the early busy season of farming

Ren Jie, Liu Xiao-wen, Wu Ying-xin

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2811–2824.




Assessment of maize water status using a consumer-grade camera and thermal imagery

Fatemeh Mousabeygi, Yousef Rezaei, Samira Akhavan

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2543–2552.




Effect of water compounds on photo-disinfection efficacy of TiO2 NP-embedded cellulose acetate film in natural water

Jing Xie, Yen-Con Hung

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2825–2836.




Simulation soil water–salt dynamics in saline wasteland of Yongji Irrigation Area in Hetao Irrigation District of China

Chengfu Yuan

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2681–2690.




Understanding nitrogen transport in the unsaturated zone with fluctuations in groundwater depth

Jianmin Bian, Qian Wang, Siyu Nie, Hanli Wan, Juanjuan Wu

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2691–2708.




Predicting the infiltration characteristics for semi-arid regions using regression trees

Parveen Sihag, Munish Kumar, Saad Sh. Sammen

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2583–2595.




Optimal water allocation method for joint operation of a reservoir and pumping station under insufficient irrigation

Cong Wei, Jilin Cheng, Yi Gong, Zhihao Gong

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2709–2719.




Water–sediment separation efficiency prediction of gill-piece separation device

Hongfei Tao, Yang Zhou, Mahemujiang Aihemaiti, Qiao Li, Wenxin Yang, Youwei Jiang, Zijing Wu

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2837–2849.




Sprinkler droplet impact angle affects shear stress distribution on soil surface – a case study of a ball-driven sprinkler

Xin Hui, Haijun Yan, Yuncheng Xu, Haibin Tan

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2772–2785.




Influence of the soil water retention curve type and magnetic water treatment on lettuce irrigation management responses

Lis Tavares Ordones Lemos, Fábio Ponciano de Deus, Michael Silveira Thebaldi, Adriano Valentim Diotto, Valter Carvalho de Andrade Júnior, Rodrigo César de Almeida

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2850–2862.




Prediction of groundwater trends for irrigation in Northern Bangladesh

Mohammad Abid Hossain Mridha, Syed Hafizur Rahman

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2596–2614.




Consumptive water footprints, water use efficiencies and productivities of rice under alternate wetting and drying for Kharagpur, West Bengal, India

A. Biswas, D. R. Mailapalli, N. S. Raghuwanshi

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2935–2946.




Application of the ‘theory of planned behavior’ to understand farmers’ intentions to accept water policy options using structural equation modeling

Taghi Mahdavi

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2720–2734.




Two-dimensional numerical simulations of soil-water and heat flow in a rainfed soybean field under plastic mulching

Mohammad Abdul Kader, Kimihito Nakamura, Masateru Senge, Mohammad Abdul Mojid

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2615–2632.




Effects of magnetized fresh water on seed germination and seeding growth of cotton

Jihong Zhang, Kai Wei, Quanjiu Wang, Yan Sun, Weiyi Mu

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2863–2874.




Investigation of flow measurement mechanism and hydraulic characteristics of the NACA airfoil pillar-shaped flume with different wing lengths in a rectangular channel

Bin Sun, Lei Yang, Shun Zhu, Haijia Zhang, Chao Zhang, Jinping Zhang

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2875–2892.




Mitigation of the effects of climate change in the agricultural sector of Cyprus, through optimization of benefit

Y. Economidou, M. K. Doula, A. A. Zorpas

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2947–2958.




Examining the potential of an irrigation work to improve sustainability in a rural area

Athanasios Ragkos, Vasileios Ambas

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2959–2973.




Assessing desertification sensitivity map under climate change and agricultural practices scenarios: the island of Crete case study

G. Morianou, N. N. Kourgialas, V. Pisinaras, G. Psarras, G. Arambatzis

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2916–2934.




Effect of irrigation practices upon yield and fruit quality of four grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Mac.) cultivars

G. Morianou, V. Ziogas, N. N. Kourgialas, G. P. Karatzas

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2735–2747.




Enhancing urban and sub-urban riparian areas through ecosystem services and ecotourism activities

G. Gkiatas, I. Kasapidis, P. Koutalakis, V. Iakovoglou, A. Savvopoulou, I. Germantzidis, G. N. Zaimes

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2974–2988.




Impacts of irrigation and nitrate fertilization scenarios on groundwater resources quantity and quality of the Almyros Basin, Greece

Aikaterini Lyra, Athanasios Loukas, Pantelis Sidiropoulos

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2748–2759.




The use of the pilot points method on groundwater modelling for a degraded aquifer with limited field data: the case of Lake Karla aquifer

G. Tziatzios, P. Sidiropoulos, L. Vasiliades, A. Lyra, N. Mylopoulos, A. Loukas

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2633–2645.




Estimation of ecosystem evapotranspiration in a Robinia pseudoacacia L. plantation with the use of the eddy covariance technique and modeling approaches

Nikos Markos, Kalliopi Radoglou

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2553–2568.




Discharge estimation for trapezoidal open channels applying fuzzy transformation method to a flow equation

N. Samarinas, C. Evangelides

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2893–2903.




Rainfed cultivation with supplemental irrigation modelling on seed yield and oil of Coriandrum sativum L. using precision agriculture and GIS moisture mapping

Agathos Filintas, Eleni Wogiatzi, Nikolaos Gougoulias

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2569–2582.




Water and soil environmental vulnerability of artificial oases in arid areas and its temporal and spatial differentiation and evolution

Cundong Xu, Zijin Liu, Xinglin Zhu, Junjiao Tian, Fengyou Gu, Yan Wang

Water Supply (1 September 2021) 21 (6): 2646–2664.



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