The Upflow Sludge Bed-Filter (UBF) design provides high active biomass concentrations and long solid retention times (SRT) allowing the treatment of dilute to high strength wastes at high organic loading rates (LR) and short hydraulic retention times (HRT). The UBF system was shown to withstand severe organic shock loads and recover within a reasonable period of time. The effect of packing material on biomass retention and biomass characteristics and reactor performance was determined. A pseudo-steady state (PSS) model was developed that predicts reactor performance as a function of HRT or biomass concentration. Application of this model to step-up and step-down experiments indicated that two sets of kinetic parameters were required to account for hysteresis effects. Application of the UBF concept to the treatment of municipal landfill leachate resulted in greater than 95% COD removal at LR upto 33 kg COD/m3.d.

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