The main characteristic of an energy utilization system for organic wastewater is the combination of treatment structures with oxidation ponds, thus compensating for their deficiencies. Depending on the different environmental and economic conditions, various types of treatment can be used and can work well. The main features of the system are as follows: 1. alteration of the microbial phase by using high-energy aquatic plants in place of algal-bacterial systems; 2. Reduction of the problem of pond size by: including the ponds as part of urban afforestation areas; increasing the capacity of treatment sites by designing the ponds as a tower or steps; if land is limited, using pretreat-ment to reduce the size of ponds; 3. the utilization of solar energy to carry out the energy conversion of chemical exergy, avoiding the conversion of exergy into anergy. The energy consumption can be minimized and the problem of aquatic plants in the ponds during winter can be partially solved.

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