For many water affairs and objectives the following functions are often of great importance:

  • automatic and continuous measurement of parameter and control and regulation of variables

  • digital acquisition of data, processing, and storage of data in-situ

  • quick and safe teletransmission of data to a computing or service centre.

Thanks to computer-aided data acquisition and automated stations, today these functions can be performed in a cost-effective way. Furthermore, it is possible to profit by the efficiency and availability of such systems for a variety of projects in the field of water management.

The paper describes a modern microprocessor-controlled and modular system of CMOS-technology, developed in the Federal Republic of Germany and widely used by authorities and in industry. An outstanding feature of the system is its great flexibility in the range of data acquisition and data teletransmission with the following possibilities:

  • data collection system (data logger)

  • data transmission via fixed lines

    • via telephone lines

    • via radio.

Several examples show the application with hydrographs and water quality measurements, for the technical surveillance of waters and installations, as well as for the control and management of dams in view of drinking-water supply or agricultural irrigation, respectively. By means of these facilities on the basis of the measuring results, and after examination and evaluation of the information, topical decisions can be made which are founded on relevant strategies or model calculations. The use of the robust equipment is not only recommended for water authorities in industrialized countries, but also in developing countries for integrated measurement and information systems.

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