The chief problem in obtaining an objective view of native microbial communities is lack of suitable experimental techniques. In our laboratory a simple preparative method was used in order to make electron microscopical investigations of indigenous microorganisms from ground-water and decomposing municipal refuse possible. This method includes (i) suspension of the complex microflora from the refuse sample in a buffered water solution or a direct use of groundwater samples; (ii) embedding of microorganisms from the suspension on the surface of collodion filmed and carbon coated electron microscopical grids by direct centrifugation in the Beckman Airfuge; (iii) a one step staining with 1,5% phosphotungstic acid at pH 6.8 in centrifuge rotor chambers. The main advantage of our method is based on a supporting effect of the centrifugal force towards the concentration and adhesion of microbial cells at the surface of electron microscopical grids. Electron microphotographs of microorganisms from ground-water, and decomposing municipal refuse are presented.

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