Many industrial parks adopt a two-tier wastewater management framework whereby tenants and the park are required to build satellite and centralized wastewater treatment facilities, respectively. Due to the diversity of industrial wastewaters, the treatment process scheme in the public centralized wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) may not suit the characteristics of all effluents discharged from the tenants. In consideration of varying wastewater biodegradability, the treatment scheme in a centralized WWTP is advised to install two series of treatment processes. In detail, various effluents from the tenants shall be commingled according to their levels of biodegradability. For the non-biodegradable streams, advanced oxidation processes shall be applied in addition to biological treatments. To facilitate the grouping of effluents, each effluent will be evaluated for its biodegradability. An analytical protocol derived from OECD standard (TG302B) was developed and found effective for biodegradability assessment. A case study is described in this paper to showcase the methodology.

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