The effect of water treatment processes on the levels of chlorinated hydrocarbons(α, β, γ-HCH, DDE and P,P'-DDT) and chlorophenols(2,4-D; 2,3-D; 2,3,4-T; 2,4,5-T; 2,3,4,6-Tet. and PCP) collected from Bab-Shark and Abo-Hormos were analysed by GLC. The results showed that water treatment steps did not significantly reduce or remove HCH from the treated water. This was shown by the high HCH content in the treated water when compared with the raw water. However, other compounds, like DDE and P,P'-DET, were undetected after water treatment. The data of chlorophenols content showed that 2,4-D was slightly reduced by water purification, while the other chlorinated phenolic compounds were increased. Generally the levels of chlorinated hydrocarbons and chlorinated phenolic compounds were within the permissible levels in the drinking water, according to WHO guidelines.

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