Two water treatment tablets were evaluated for their efficacy of removal of E. coli bacteria, coliphage V1 and polio 1 from water. The activity of both tablets is based on flocculation as well as disinfection with additional straining. The tablets differ from each other only in their disinfectant source, i.e. Chlor-floc A contains Halazone and Chlorfloc B contains dichloro-S-triazine-trione. Tests were carried out using simulated hard and coloured water at room temperature. Results indicated both tablets to be efficient but showed tablet B to be of superior quality. Tablet B was shown to eliminate all bacteria and viruses from the test water after 4 minutes at room temperature (22 °C). Studies on partial removal of the test organisms by filtration or flocculation without chlorination showed that both steps partially removed the organisms, but the combined process of flocculation chlorination followed by filtration proved to be the most effective treatment.

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