An industrial effluent containing C2 to C5 monocarboxylic acids was successfully treated by the fungus Geotrichum candidum using the selective mechanism of the crossflow-microscreen method. Due to the cell separating capacity of the microscreen the system could be operated as a cell recycle reactor with the hydraulic residence time (θ) independent of the mean cell residence time (θx). At θ = 1.25 h and θx = 7.5 h, 89.5% COD reduction was obtained. The excess biomass could be harvested by simple screening and contained a crude protein content of 50.2%, which may be used as a feed supplement.

The growth kinetic values obtained for a monoculture of G. candidum grown on the industrial effluenf were as follows: µmax = 0.26 h−1, Y = 0.38 g cells g−1 COD, Ks = 201 mg COD ℓ−1, kd = .009 h−1, indicating the potential use of this micro-organism for the treatment of several industrial effluents.

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