The system “Neue Donau” functions as a control system for high waters of the river Danube and is an important recreational area for many people. Water quality and trophic status of the water body is thereforeof prime importance. The high nutrient concentrations of the river Danube (P-tot 238±41µg/l, N-tot 2.53±0.78 mg/l) reach the system via groundwater seepage. Present conditions in the basin of Neue Donau are,as a result of this nutrient in-flux,eutrophic to hypertrophic. Average values during the summer period have declined from 366 µg/l total phosphorus to 78 µg/l, and from 86 µg/l chlorophyll-a tol7µg/l between the years 1985 and 1988. However, a dam which is planned in the river at Vienna will permanently raise the water level of the river thus increasing the the groundwater flow in the direction to the Neue Donau and therefore the nutrient input which will enhance trophic conditions in the impoundment. Since macrophytes play an important role in one part of the system macrophyte management together with measures along the river are some of the suggested strategies to keep the system Neue Donau at acceptable trophic conditions and good water quality.

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