This study is to explore the feasibility of the treatment of the MSG Fermentation wastewater by AFBBR (Anaerobic Biologial Fluidized Bed Reactor) Method, and intends to solve the serious pollution problem of MSG industry by the advantages of AFBBR Method. The results show that the wastewater BOD removal efficiency is very high due to this treatment. When the organic loading is below 14.0 kg-BOD/, the BOD removal efficiency can reach 90% or more. Since the wastewater contains the undissolvable difficult biodegradation organic matter, the COD removal efficiency only reaches 65% maximum. The methane content in biogas can achieve 80.8%. When the digestion temperature is 35°C, biogas production per kg is maximum 367.8 1. The treatment results indicate if the organic loading is in the range of 10.1-31.1 kg-COD/m3.d, and the operation condition is appropriate, we will get a very good digestion efficiency, i.e. the feasibility of this method for MSG Fermentation Wastewater Treatment is very high.

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