An inventory is made of the effects of sea level rise and expected climatic change on the level of the district water authorities in the Netherlands and especially the “hoogheemraadschap” of Rhineland in the next 100-200 years. Special attention is paid to the effects on land utilization, coastal defence and water control.

The first is hard to describe by lack of research, the second can already be determined in terms of cost; the third can be described in its effects on brackishness and water provision with indication of policies and measures to be taken.

Preliminary conclusions are that larger efforts on coastal defence - even with present techniques - will be a realistic answer in terms of cost. The foreseen increase of brackishness in area and salt concentration, will give a significant extra need for fresh water.

High cost and even higher risks have to be expected with regard to measures to neutralize the effects of a water surplus in winter and a growing water shortage in (late) summer, while the cost will further grow. Because of the effect a larger area must be drained off and water has to be raised higher as the Netherlands will sink in relation to the North Sea.

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