A survey of long sludge age activated sludge plants in South Africa showed that bulking was widespread in nitrogen and nitrogen and phosphorus removal plants with the dominant causative filamentous organisms being the low F/M types 0092, 0675, 0041, Microthrix parvicella, 0914 and 1851. The literature suggests that in aerobic systems proliferation of the low F/M filaments can be controlled by aerobic selector reactors. From an extensive investigation into the selector reactors, and the effect these stimulate, it was concluded that in long sludge age systems, irrespective of whether or not a selector effect is present in the sludge, (1) under completely aerobic conditions low F/M filaments do not proliferate, (2) sequential or alternating anoxic-aerobic periods like intermittent aeration are necessary, though not sufficient, conditions for the proliferation of low F/M filaments, and (3) an aerobic selector installed on an intermittent aeration system did not control low F/M filament proliferation.

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