The use of pulp and paper sludge as a forest soil amendment was investigated in these studies. The fate of nitrogen added from field applications of P&P sludge was determined. Primary sludge was found to immobilize small amounts of N, while secondary sludge mineralized over 70% of the N over a 21 month period. A large portion (39-82%) of the mineralized N was not accounted for by uptake, soil storage and nitrate leaching, and was assumed to be gaseous losses. Growth response from P&P sludge amendments was measured. Surface application of primary sludge apparently had a beneficial mulching effect, as growth was 52-131% greater than in control soils. Addition of N to primary sludge resulted in growth 151-223% greater than in controls. Secondary sludge surface-applied resulted in excellent growth compared to controls (112-319% greater).

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