In 1987 Guangzhou Liede Nightsoil Treatment Plant started commissioning. The purpose of the plant is to dispose of 400 tons of nightsoi1 from city public toilets per day. In the first year of the commissioning a biological process was basically used according to the original design made by a Danish company. Practically it has been proved that the design is effective. The process can reduce BOD from 3800 mg/l to about 133 mg/l, or by approximately 96.5 percent. The performance of the sludge digester system is satisfactory. Because the primary investigation on characteristics of the nightsoil was insufficient there were some problems raised during the commissioning. So in the first year the effluent failed to achieve the desired quality. After the analysis of the plant performance some necessary reforms have been carried out. Now the effluent quality can stably meet the national discharge limits and the treatment cost decreases.

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