Biochemical degradation in the aerobic upflow packed– bed reactor with immobilized biomass on the granulated activated carbon with size of granules 4 to 6 mm was studied. For oxygen supply compressed air was used. Experiments were carried out with synthetic wastewater similar to wastewater from the food industry. Intensification of biodegradation with immobilized biomass processes was possible. At the substrate influent concentration COD = 400 to 900 mg/L the 94 to 95% reduction was attained even at relatively high volumetric loading (4.0 g/L.d COD). This level of reduction was reached only at 3.0 mg/L or higher DO concentration in supernatant. Excess biomass shows good settling. SVI was about 50 mL/g and its quantity expressed in volume units was 30 to 50% smaller than well settleable activated sludge.

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