An algal high rate oxidation ponding process for treating organic s present in saline effluents has been described. The extreme halophile Dunaliella salina can be made to predominate in the system by manipulating salinity, producing products of value together with a waste treatment function. Application in treating tannery saline organic wastes was examined. Techniques appropriate for the harvesting of micro-algae from this and other algal production systems presents a limiting factor in the development of algal biotechnology. Cross-flow filtration was evaluated as a technique for micro-algal cell separation. Both microfiltration and ultrafiltration were found to produce effective algal removal from the medium, Cross-flow ultrafiltration with a polyethersulfone coated tubular filter produced effective separation with the production of cell concentrates in a viable condition. Flux rates of 30 - 40 LMH fall within acceptable levels for application in industrial processes. Cell shattering observed with microfiltration precludes its use for recovering whole or viable cell concentrates.

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