Current status and the proposed criteria for artificial recharge of groundwater with reclaimed municipal wastewater are discussed with special reference to controlling microbial pathogens and trace organic contaminants. The draft criteria have been developed by the State of California Interagency Water Reclamation Coordinating Committee, followed by the Groundwater Recharge Committee of the Department of Health Services (DHS). The proposed criteria are in the final review process and are expected to be adopted in late 1992 by the DHS as a part of the revised, state-wide Wastewater Reclamation Criteria.

The discussions and the draft criteria presented in this paper facilitate the approval of groundwater recharge projects by identifying the nature and characteristics of groundwater recharge projects that do not jeopardize the public water supply systems including use of groundwater for potable water supply. These criteria are intended to provide uniform state-wide application of regulations on which to regulate and design groundwater recharge projects using reclaimed municipal wastewater as a source of recharge water.

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