The wastewater of the municipal treatment plants Zürich-Werdhölzli (350000 population equivalents), Zürich-Glatt (110000), and Wattwil (20000) have been characterized with regard to the activated sludge model Nr.1 of the IAWPRC task group. Zürich-Glatt and Wattwil are partly nitrifying treatment plants and Zürich-Werdhölzli is fully nitrifying. The mixing characteristics of the aeration tanks at Werdhölzli and Glatt were determined with sodium bromide as a tracer. The experimental data were used to calibrate hydrolysis, heterotrophic growth and nitrification. Problems arising by calibrating hydrolysis of the paniculate material and by measuring oxygen consumption of heterotrophic and nitrifying microorganisms are discussed. For hydrolysis the experimental data indicate first-order kinetics. For nitrification a maximum growth rate of 0.40±0.07 d−1, corresponding to an observed growth rate of 0.26±0.04 d−1 was calculated at 10°C. The half velocity constant found for 12 and 20°C was 2 mg NH4-N/l. The calibrated model was verified with experimental dam of me Zürich-Werdhölzli treatment plant during ammonia shock load.

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