Over the past ten years Gist-brocades has been engaged in anaerobic waste water treatment. An in-depth research program concluded in the construction and operation of three full-scale plants for the treatment of yeast processing and pharmaceutical waste waters. Using the operational experience of the fluidized bed biomass-on-carrier systems and incorporating the strong assets of the Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) system features a new process was developed, the so-called Upflow Fluidized Bed (UFB) BIOBED® process, which operation appeared to be very successful over a > 3 year period at full scale. The UFB BIOBED® system combines both characteristics of the UASB and FB processes. Biomass is present in a granular form but conditions with respect to upflow velocities for water and gas approach those of the original Fluidized Bed - biomass on carrier - (FB) system.

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