Detergents from 26 stations, representing four different zones from pollution view points, were sampled biweekly during 1985-1986 from the coastal waters of Alexandria, Egypt. Samples were analyzed for anionic surfactants, total suspended matter and salinity. The main objective of this work is to study retrospectively the relation between the state of pollution of Alexandria waters by anionic detergents and sewage and waste water disposal. A comparison with background level was performed to evaluate the deviations in anionic detergent concentrations. The absolute detergent values varied between a minimum of 0.02 mg LAS/l and a maximum of 12.55 mg LAS/l. The estimated detergent loadings reaching the study area are about 86, 109 & 7000 Kg/day through zones I, II & III, respectively. Based on the daily discharge of detergents to the waters of Alexandria, the population equivalent will vary from 0.40-0.73. The expected total loading of detergents to the area is projected to be approximately double between now and year 2000.

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