In order to establish the method of bio-assay for the safety of drinking water, mutagenic activity, promotion activity for cancer, cytotoxicity and liposomal membrane damage of micropollutants in water were studied. The dissolved substances in water were recovered from raw, chlorinated, and rapid-filtrated waters by adsorption with XAD-2. Mutagenicity of the recovered substances was estimated with Ames Salmonella mutagenicity test. Cancer promotion activity was assayed by use of morphological change of HL-60 cell. Cytotoxicities of the recovered substances were evaluated with the cultured cells, HL-60 and mouse peritoneal macrophages. Some of the samples showed strong direct mutagenicity and cytotoxicities, while cancer promotion activity was not found in any sample. No correlation was observed between the results of mutagenicity and cytotoxicities, while the results of cytotoxicities related to those of liposomal membrane damage. The findings indicate that the combination of mutagenicity test with the other bio-assay such as cytotoxicity should be necessary to secure the safety of drinking water.

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