A 1630 L/s activated sludge plant at Phoenix was limited to an average rate of 1050 L/s and operated, at 400-600 mg/L MLSS and 0.8-1.3 day solids retention time (SRT) due to bulking sludge and limited clarification capacity. Higher SRTs also produced uncontrolled Nocardia foaming and low dissolved oxygen due to partial nitrification. The City retained the services of a team of consultants to resolve these problems as well as to upgrade the plant to provide nitrification and total nitrogen removal. An anoxic selector design was implemented within the existing basin and the clarifiers were modified to improve inlet design and sludge transport. The modified advanced wastewater treatment (AWT) plant operating at 1450 L/s has averaged an effluent of 7.6 mg/L BOD5, 8.2 mg/L TSS, 1.3 mg/L NH4N, 4.1 mg/L NO3N and 2.9 mg/L TP. Oxygen transfer efficiency has increased about 80% in the nitrification-denitrification (NdeN) mode. The cost of modification/upgrading to AWT was approximately $730,000 and a 400 L/s increase in hydraulic capacity was realized. Upgrading costs were $5.63/m3 ($0.02/gal.)

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