Many different types of coalescers are used for separation of oil-in-water dispersion.

The investigated results of a newly developed two stage coalescer are given in this work.

The proposed designofthis coalescer includes two independent stages which are set in the same coalescer body.

Expanded polystyrene granules are being used in the first stage.

By using this coalescent material, gravity separation and the large oil droplets, coalescence processes are at the same time being insured.

The second stage of this new type of coalescer uses polyurethane foam.

The surface of this layer has been previously oiled. the proposed two stage coalescer has been tested for different type of oily wastewaters.

A high loaded oilywastewater has been treatedby the new coalescer separator in the field

In a one year working period, a mean oil separation efficiency has been higher than 98 %.

The proposed coalescer can be use for suspended solids separation at the same time. Mean separation efficiency has been 85% duringthe field test.

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