This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of temperature on prosperity and decay of genetically engineeredmicroorganisms (GEMs) in a microcosm system. GEMs such as Escherichia coli strain HB101 and HB101/pBR325 were injected into an aquatic flask-size microcosm which consisted of bacteria, Cyclidium glaucoma, Lepadella sp., Philodina sp., Aeolosoma hemprichi, Chlorella sp. and Tolypothrix sp.. As a result, the prosperity and decay of GEMs was changed depending on temperature and a microbiota in the microcosm system was changed by temperature. It was suggested that the predatory activities of protozoa and metazoa were greatly affected by the cultivation temperature, and the prosperity and decay of GEMs was also greatly affected by temperature. Consequently, it was considered that temperature should be regarded as an important factor for evaluating environmental release of GEMs.

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