Small-scale and pilot-scale experiments were conducted on pig wastewater treatment in water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipesl ponds. The main objectives were to evaluate the treatment performance of the water hyacinth ponds and to determine suitable operating conditions. From the experimental results obtained, the optimum organic loading rate was found to be 200 kg COD/(ha.d), while the hydraulic retention times were proposed to be 10-20 days. The % COD removal in the small-scale water hyacinth ponds were 74-93, while for the pilot-scale ponds the % COD removal were 52-72 because of fluctuations in the influent wastewater characteristics and occasional insect attacks on the water hyacinth leaves and stems. Similar results were obtained for N removal. Although the water hyacinth ponds were found to be feasible for pig wastewater treatment, at least one polishing pond in series should be provided to polish the water hyacinth pond effluents before discharging into the environment.

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