An experimental investigation of mechanism and operating conditions of Multi-Stage Reversing - Flow Bioreactor (MRB) in treating domestic wastewater was carried out. Aerobic degradation, dissimilation of Sulfur compounds and assimilation of Sulfur microorganisms were the main mechanisms involved in COD removal. Methane production was found to be negligible. At an upflow velocity of 73 m/d with an organic loading upto 1.66 kg COD/cum.d, without recycling of wastewater, 85-90 % COD removal efficiency and 15-20 mg/l of effluent SS were observed. However by recycling of wastewater same performance was achieved with an upflow velocity of 109 m/d and an organic loading of 2.4 kg COD/cum.d. Yield coefficient was found to vary between 0.12-0.18.

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