New technology for wastewater treatment has been designed as modular technology. For specific physical–chemical operations, a new equipment has been developed on the basis of modern principles of the processed industry.

The following modules represent the main elements of the suggested technology :

  1. Multipurpose column reactor (KA/OO)

  2. Deep bed filter for separation of suspended solids (SUM)

  3. Coalesced filter (WO/04)

Pilot plant investigation of the new technology was tested on the wastewater from a car wash shop.

The efficiency of the modular technology was observed using the changes of the following parameters: COD value, suspended solids content and oil content.

The average decrease of COD value is 83.2 %, suspended solids content 94.5 % and oil content 97.8 %, in comparison to the values before treatment by modular technology.

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