The activated sludge process coupled with hollow fiber membrane for solid-liquid separation was applied to treat low strength domestic wastewater.

Pilot-scale experimental unit used in this study consisted of 2 modules of 0.03 μm pore size with 9 m2 surface area each, immersed in the reactor which has a maximum working volume of 1.5 m3. Even when sewage was fed at varying rates following its diurnal flow variation to the bioreactor, good stability of the process was achieved which was shown by the consistency in treated water quality. The effluent turbidity and COD were well within the limits (less than 0.5 NTU and 3-5 mg/L). The transmembrane pressure drop was less than 20 cm Hg even after 2 months of operation. Application of jet aeration could be used to prolong the operational life of the membrane in the bioreactor. This system is an ideal one to be used as household wastewater treatment system.

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