The water quality policy in the Netherlands regarding discha ges from sewer systems into surface water will in the near future aim at the pollutant discharge instead of the overflow frequency. Recent practical research has shown that system-specific properties are the main influencing factors for the sediment behaviour of sewer systems. Based on this knowledge the pollutant discharge concept EMOR has been developed. A detailed description is given of the background of this concept and of how to work with it. The calculation results Include frequency distributions for the COD, peak discharges and annual load, overflow quantities, overflow frequencies, etc. An objective calculation method is provided to express the influence in the so-called depositing factor, which can be determined for a single sewer as well as for a complete sewer systems. Application of this factor in the EMOR-concept makes it possible to use a schematization of the sewer system into a multireservoir model without losing the influence of the system specific properties. Model fitting has demonstrated that with the application of the EMOR concept a reliable prediction can be made for the pollutant discharge.

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