Water quality in the shallow littoral of Lake Kinneret was examined during a period of low water levels in 1989-1990. On calm days, no significant difference was found between the water quality on different sites around the lake or between the littoral and the open water. Lowering of the lake level in Lake Kinneret is associated with a major change in the nature of the bottom of the littoral zone in many sites, from rocky substrate in high lake levels (>212m below sea level) to sandy or clay in lower levels. During north-easterly storms, in winter, the concentrations of suspended solids and total phosphorus were markedly higher in leeward littoral sites compared to other regions of the littoral zone. This may be attributed to resuspension of sediments by the wave action over the soft bottom. In rainy winters, runoff, mainly Jordan River input, may locally affect the water quality and result in a north-south gradient.

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