The sediments of the lower reach of the Kishon river, its harbors and estuary, sampled in 1989-1991, were highly polluted by trace metals and petroleum derived compounds released by the adjacent industries. The contamination was highest in the sediment deposition area of the Kishon fishing harbor and decreased seaward. River-borne pollution was also evident in Haifa Bay opposite the Kishon estuary. Contaminants trapped in the sediments of the lower Kishon river system can reach the marine environment through bottom transport of sediment particles and also as a result of disposal at sea of dredge spoils from the river channel and harbors. On the basis of the findings of the study, it was recommended to stop the long-time practice of dumping dredge spoils from the Kishon fishing harbor into the relatively clean Haifa Bay and to use instead an offshore deep water disposal site.

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