LT50 values obtained for Monodontaturbinata exposed to heavy metal ions were as follows: 25.2 days after exposure to final concentration of 1.0ppm Cd+2; 21.2 days for 0.1ppm Hg+2; 25.2 for 0. 5ppm Cr+3 and 16.8 days for 0.5ppm Cr+6, compared to 32.8 days for the control. The final concentrations of metal ions in the mollusc tissue increased by 20 times in the Hg+2, and by 10 times in the Cd+2 treated Monodonta, compared to the untreated control. The normal contents of cytochromes be and P450 in Monodontaturbinata digestive gland microsomes were 195±51 and 58±20 nmol/mg protein, respectively. NADPH-cytochrome c reductase activity was 5.9±3.0 nmol/min/mg protein. Exposure to all heavy metal ions had a destructive effect on the two hemoproteins, especially on cytochrome P450, and a pronounced impact on NADPH-cytochrome c activity which was reduced to about 50% in the treated mollusc. No alarming concentrations of metal ions could be detected in Monodontaturbinata collected from different sites along Israel Mediterranean coast.

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