In this study, a simplified computer model for nonpoint source pollution that can be easily used by engineers on a personal computer was developed. In this model, the urban drainage basin was divided into several drainage subareas according to hydrological conditions. Manning's equation was used to simulate the overland flow and flowrate in the channel system. Mass balance equation was used for flow condition at channel junction points such as manholes. Data samples between 1986 and 1987 from the simulating area were used to calibrate and verify the model. The simulation results showed that the simplified model was capable of predicting the runoff and nonpoint source pollution from the small urban area quickly on a personal computer. The advantages of the model are simplicity, and less input data and computer time required, compared to some other complex models. For a small urban area, it satisfies the basic requirements to access the loading of nonpoint source pollution for planning and preliminary pollution control purposes.

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