Gas-permeable film can separate air and water, and at the same time, let oxygen diffuse from the air to the water through the film. An oxygen supply method using this film was investigated for the purpose of reducing energy consumption for wastewater treatment. The oxygen transfer rate was measured for the cases with or without biofilm, which proved the high rate of oxygen transfer in the case with nitrifying biofilm which performed nitrification. When the Gas-permeable film with nitrifying biofilm was applied to the treatment of wastewater, denitrifying biofilm formed on the nitrifying biofilm, and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification occurred, resulting in the high rate of organic matter and T-N removal (7 gTOC/m2/d and 4 gT-N/m2/d, respectively). However, periodic sloughing of the denitrifying biofilm was needed to keep the oxygen transfer rate high. Energy consumption of the process using the film in the form of tubes was estimated to be less than 40% of that of the activated sludge process.

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