The Great Lakes Cleanup Fund (CuF) is a component of Canada's Great Lakes Action Plan. Since 1990, the Cleanup Fund has been supporting the development and implementation of cleanup technologies to control municipal pollution sources, to clean up contaminated sediments, and to rehabilitate fish and wildlife habitats. These efforts are focused on Canada's 17 Areas of Concern (AOCs) identified by the International Joint Commission for priority cleanup action and development of remedial action plans (RAPs). The urban drainage program of the CuF is demonstrating new and innovative technologies for controlling urban sources of pollution, and is assisting RAP study teams in developing control options. For combined sewer overflow (CSO) control, demonstrations include high-rate treatment using a vortex separator, and real time operation of a CSO control system. Storm water management demonstrations include development of best management practices, evaluation of control ponds for an industrial catchment, and evaluation of a sewer exfiltration system retrofitted into an existing urban area. Estimates of pollutant loadings to the Great Lakes were made, and overall costs for CSO cleanup were developed for various levels of control. Comprehensive pollution control plans are under development at several AOCs.

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