With an oxygen microelectrode developed by the authors for the measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration profiles of biofilms in a rotating biological contactor (RBC), DO concentration profiles in the inside and outside of rotating biofilms were measured continuously in the air and water phases. Thicknesses of attached-water film (Lw) and the diffusion layer (Ld) formed on the biofilms were estimated from DO concentration profiles. The oxygen transfer rate to the biofilm was determined with measured DO concentration profiles and a steady state biofilm kinetic model by use of the thicknesses of attached-water film and the diffusion layer. The oxygen transfer rates obtained by two independent methods agreed well, so that the method of the measurement of DO concentration profilesis considered highly reliable. The conclusions in this study are summarized as follows: (1) Lw and Ld on a biofilm attached on a partially submerged rotating biological contactor were 50 and 70 μm thick, respectively; (2) The measured oxygen fluxes were about 10 g-O2/m2/day, and reasonably agreed with those calculated from removing rates of ammonia nitrogen.

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