Along with the technical progress experienced by the Camaçari Petochemical Complex in the last few years, new policies, following new worldwide trends, in pollution control and prevention became mandatory.

The knowledge acquired from recent development and research has helped CETREL-Empresa de Proteçao Ambiental S.A. and the State of Bahia EPA (CRA) to develop and implement new programs for the environmental protection of the entire Camaçari Petrochemical Complex area.

Among these strategies the Source Pollution Control Program (SPCP) has been playing a very important role in industrial pollution prevention.

In addition to other measures taken by CETREL to reduce pollutant emissions, the implementation of an incineration unit for organic chlorinated liquid residues has also proven to be a very efficient treatment. It not only avoids problems for CETREL's centralized activated sludge plant, but it also reduces dramatically the emission of volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons into the environment.

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