The treatment plant has been designed and installed for the treatment of wastewater discharged from various industries at Limassol Industrial Estate. The total daily flow and biological load after the last extension of the plant are 1000-1200m3/d and 220-264kg BOD5/d respectively. Chemical treatment followed by biological treatment is applied. The main steps of the treatment process are as follows: equalization, flotation, coagulation-flocculation, settlement of chemical sludge, pH-adjustment, nutrient addition, aeration of activated sludge, settlement of biological sludge, chlorination and sludge stabilization. The efficiency of the plant with respect to BOD5 and COD removal is over 90%. The quality of the treated effluent is BOD5 < 15mg/l and COD < 40mg/l. The concentration of trace elements are below the recommended limits for reclaimed water used for irrigation purposes.

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