Recent research into the behaviour of sediments and associated pollutants in sewers has formed the foundation for a dynamic pollutograph-based sewer flow quality simulation model called MOUSETRAP. This is a new component to the MOUSE sewer system hydraulic modelling package. MOUSETRAP has been developed by an international consortium of sewer model developers and users to predict short term variations in sewer flow quality and sediment transport in response to storm events. MOUSETRAP is composed of a series of modules to represent: the quality of surface run off; sediment and pollutant transport, erosion and deposition within pipes; and the biological and chemical processes within the sewer system. By representing the current understanding of real sewer sediments, this new tool gives the user the capability to simulate storm event pollutographs incorporating first foul flush phenomena.

The paper describes the basis of the new MOUSETRAP modules. Results of initial theoretical testing and pilot study applications are presented to illustrate the model's capabilities and potential for use in the management of urban wastewater discharges.

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